①Nonwoven materials

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We provide a variety of nonwoven materials to meet customer’s requirements.
Please do not hesitate to consult us when selecting the material.

②Absorbtion/Expellant effect of nonwoven material

The porous nature of the nonwoven material allows rolls to be flexible,
thereby our rolls have an excellent absorbtion/expellant effect.
*Similar to how a sponge absorbs the water.

66D NON-TEX ROLL have an excellent absorbtion/expellant effect.(Absorbtion/Expellant effect of nonwoven material)


To increase the squeezing effect, roll needs to be crowned, depending on the deflection caused by linear pressure.
*Please do not hesitate to consult us about roll crown specifications.

Comparison  crowning (crown roll) and straight roll of 66D NON-TEX ROLL